Educate. Inspire. Empower.

"The mission of impossible2Possible(i2P) is to encourage everyone to reach beyond their perceived limits, and to use adventure based learning programs to educate, inspire and empower young people all over the world"

In January 2016 I was ecstatic and full of gratitude to be chosen as a Youth Ambassador for Impossible2Possible (i2P) Expedition Death Valley to complete the 12th stage of the Impossible2Possible World Expedition Series. This life-changing program challenges young people to reach beyond their perceived mental and physical limits to unlock their full potential, while acting as role models for thousands of students around the globe who follow their expeditions live. I had never run a marathon before, but was ready to push the limits of my comfort zone with both the physical challenges that this expedition presented as well as the logistical challenges that came with delivering experiential learning based curriculum to classrooms around the globe. 

This past September, myself and my two teammates Madie and Nia traveled to a place recognized as the hottest, driest place on earth. Death Valley, CA is indeed known for its heat, but the beauty, history, and array of extreme geographical features made this unique location perfect for the i2P Experience Based Learning Program. The i2P educational program is offered completely free to schools, and focused on the history, mystery, and geography of this natural wonder. While running through extreme heat and unique geographical features each day, the three of us developed and delivered educational content through live videos and experiential-based activities for classrooms to participate in. We shared the many wonders of this National Park, from the saltpans of the Badwater Basin (282 feet below sea level) to the sub-alpine conditions of Telescope Peak (11,049 feet above sea level), the magnificent Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes to the undulating landscape of  Golden Canyon to Zabriskie Point. 

i2P is a growing community of Youth Ambassadors and supporters who use adventure as a medium to educate, inspire, and empower others to do amazing things. My experience in Death Valley introduced me to alumni, supporters, and like-minded adventurers that are doing incredible things and inspired me to grow as an athlete and change-maker in the world. Now I want to give back by supporting the next youth expeditions and spreading the values of i2P in my local community for students, teachers, and people of all ages to challenge themselves to get outside, explore new passions, and dream big. By setting goals that give you butterflies and scare but excite you, then creating a plan and following through with it, I believe that you can make YOUR impossible possible. 

Please consider donating to this incredible charity through my fundraising page, and supporting future youth expeditions to change the lives of young people around the world.