En route to Kanab...

Wearing my 20lb pack around the house the night before I left...can you tell I was getting excited??? 

(Thanks to my roommate Travis for snapping this photo while I was making supper!)

Written from the airport, about to board my flight to Las Vegas:

On my way to Kanab for the 273km Grand to Grand Ultra! I'm currently waiting for my flight to board from Vancouver to Las Vegas, where I'll catch the four hour shuttle to Kanab to spend a few days acclimatizing before the race starts. There were some tight connections on the way here, and I've taken my running pack as carry-on...does running through the airport count as training? 

There's an emotional rollercoaster of thoughts and feelings buzzing through my entire being right now. Excitement and anticipation one moment followed by serene calm and trust that I've done all I can training-wise, all enveloped with heart-about-to-burst gratitude. Taking time to reflect on the journey up until now, my mind keeps circling back to the amazing and inspiring encouragement that has come from so many different people on this journey.

To everyone who has donated to my fundraising campaign, sent messages or comments, given me training tips or race stories, or shared hugs and words of encouragement leading up to this big adventure - I'm sending out the warmest, biggest hugs and the most heartfelt thank yous to all of you!!!! I haven't been able to reply to all of the comments and messages yet, but I'm seeing them all and feeling the love. One of the big things that drew me to this race was the community aspect that stage racing develops: being able to meet and bond with racers from all over the world during the weeklong adventure we'll be on together, but it's also been a reminder of the strength of communities at home and away throughout this lifelong adventure. 

The outpouring of love and support from friends, family, and strangers from all over has been the most heartwarming thing. From people in my hometown of Steady Brook, Newfoundland (including friends, past teachers, neighbors, my parent's coworkers, my theatre family and more!), to Fredericton friends and the adventure and trailrunning community there (and small but mighty ultra-trailrunning community), to i2P alumni and supporters from around the world, and other folks from everywhere in between - you guys are seriously amazing! I will be channeling all of that good energy during the run, and truly feel like you are all with me on this adventure <3 

If you are interested in following along with updates from the race, they will be posted periodically on the race website here, and more frequently on the G2G Facebook page. They even have an option to email competitors, and will hand deliver printed emails to people's tents each night! There is some internet access for us to check in at base camp each day, but I'm thinking of going totally off the grid to embrace the experience fully...we'll see!

Aaaaand my flight's about to board! That's it for now - more to come soon. 

Sending you all kinds of love and the biggest hugs!!!!!!!!!! 


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